The 31 Benefits of Tomatoes

To beautify, from the very ancient era the usage of fresh tomato is unarguable. It is used not only as salad or vegetables in food, but also as the guideline of maintaining a good health with proper care, especially of skin, eyes, hair and a balanced weight as well. Tomatoes have the components which is very beneficial to human body. Among them, today I’m going to share the benefits of tomato for skin and how does it help us as following ways.
Tomato is enriched with vitamin A, C, zinc, iron, calcium, manganese, potassium phosphorus and silicone. These elements play a vital role in cuticle tendance. By purifying the deeper portion of skin, tomato prevents any kind of dramatic problem.

1. Works as natural sunscreen :
The ultra violet rays; known as UV ray, is very injurious to our skin. Sunscreen is needed to protect the skin from this harmful UV Ray. Tomato has the anti-oxide agent which is known as Lycopene. It saves skin from UV Ray and acts as natural sunscreen.

Ingredients :
i) tomato juice – 2table spoon
ii) butter milk – 4table spoon
#Way to make :
*mix the ingredients properly and apply it over the face
*keep it for 30 minutes
*after 30minutes wash it with fresh water

2. Shrinking open pores :
In many research, it is said that vitamin C in tomato is very effective to shrink the open pores of our skin. Taking tomato as juice is also beneficial to close the open pores. If one can’t take it as drink, then he/she can apply the following recipe in skin.

To apply on skin :
Ingredients :
i) tomato juice – 2 table spoon
ii) lemon juice /rose water – 1/2 table spoon
iii) cotton

How to make and the using process :
*mix the ingredients properly
*rub the mixture over the face with cotton. Keep it for 15 minutes
*after 15 minutes, wash it with warm water
N. B. :- ** For dry and sensitive skin, use rose water instead of lemon juice.
** The person who has dry/sensitive skin, should wash the face with cold water.

3. Prevention of acne :
Everyone has more or less acne problem. Specially, the teenaged and the oily skinned are the real victim of it. From medical research, it is proved that tomato has the immune power of reducing acne. Vitamin C and Vitamin A in tomato create antibacterial protection which fight against the germs. Besides, the acidic acid in tomato is used as the removal of any kind of rashes or acne related problem. In addition, vitamin C absorbs oil and control the temperature of our body in proper way. So, usage of tomato is very beneficial for acne problem.

Usage :
Ingredients :
i) 1 fresh ripe tomato

Making and using process :

* Blend the tomato properly
* Rub it over the face.
Massage 3-5 minutes with finger tip in acne area
*after that wait for 30minutes
*after 30minutes, wash with cold water
* then use any kind of moisturiser.


Note: use it everyday for good results.
4. Removing black heads:
Tomato have especial power to remove skin’s fairness. All the black heads of the skin will be escaped from the skin by using the black heads.
Using :
Ingredients :
Ripe tomato : one piece
Lemon juice: two tablespoon
How will you use it:
Keep in a bowl soft part of the ripe tomato’s (two – three tablespoon)
Mixing lemon juice and put the palate in the head and get up with fingers with 10 minutes
Sliced into two parts of the tomato.
Massage with one part of the tomato which is effected area of the skin.
After ten minutes, abolish with a little hot water.
5. Donate brightness to the skin:
To donate the brightness of the skin, tomato contains very effective and outstanding quality. Donating the brightness of the skin is considered as the main quality of the tomato. Tomato contains more vitamin C which is popular to do the skin very bright and fair. For doing the skin bright and fair, today I will share a face pack of tomato.
Necessary ingredients :
Ripe tomato : one piece
Fuller’s earth: half tablespoon
Sour yogurt : one tablespoon
Lemon juice: half tablespoon
Method of make and use:
Part -1
Cut a tomato with two parts.
Mix tomato parts and curcuma and massage it.
At the time of massaging, pressure with tomato on the skin as if the inner juice comes out.
After massaging five minutes, then wash your face.
Part -2
Paste another parts of the tomato.
Mix with one tablespoon tomato paste, fuller’s earth, yogurt and lemon juice in a clean bowl properly.
Wait ten minutes by fitting on whole face of these mixture.
How will you do the work:
Fuller’s earth : Fuller’s earth absorbs excess oil on the skin. And make your skin bright and fair by removing dead cells from the skin.
Yogurt: Riboflavin which contains in the yogurt and reinvigorate the skin by increasing new cells from the inside of the skin. And vitamin B5 which contains in the yogurt. Vitamin B5 removes black spots, age pressure, acne stains and dead cells and make the skin bright and fair.
Lemon juice: lemon contains natural bleaching property which makes the skin bright.
Note: use it two times a week.
For all kinds of skin is beneficial. But do not use lemon juice in dry and sensitive skin friends.
6.Anti aging agent: Another useful things of tomato for skin is anti aging agent. Through various research it proved that tomato absorbs oxygen for skin and resist the ages pressure on the skin. Also vitamin A which contains in the tomato and fight against free radicals which is accountable for creating the age pressure on the skin. Besides zinc does slow the process of increasing the ages pressure, preventing the asperities of the skin. As a result, skin becomes more bright and fair from the previous day.
Usage :
Ingredients : a. Ripe tomato- one piece
Cotton pad
Method of make and use:
Take out the tomato juice with the help of a tomato vegetable grinder.
Dip the cotton pad into tomato juice and massage the face for 5 minutes.
C. After 5 minutes, wash your face with clean water.
7. Removes the dead cells:
You already have a clear idea of ​​how beneficial use of tomatoes is for the skin. One more benefit of tomatoes is that it removes the dead cells from our skin and makes the skin healthy and fresh. Tomato contains nutrition which is very effective in removing the cortisone from the skin. Due to the removal of the cell from the skin, new cells are born in that place and the skin looks healthy and attractive.
Ingredients : ripe tomato – one piece
A little sugar.
Method of make and use:
Cut the tomato into two pieces. Scurb the whole face with sugar in a piece of tomato. Bring out the juice from the tomatoes.
In this way wait 30 minutes after the massage and wait 10 more minutes.
After 10 minutes wash your face with clean water.
How will you do:
Sugar: Sugar contains glycolic acid which removes the dead cells from the skin and cleans the skin.
Note: use it four times weekly.
Remove the scars from the skin:
When our skin comes in contact with sun exposure, the sun burns due to sunlight and the color becomes brittle. Tomato content prevents the burning of sunburn in the skin as it acts as a chronic antioxidant.
Ingredients : Ripe tomato – one piece
Vitamin-a capsule- one piece
Sour yogurt- yogurt-one tablespoon
Method of make and use: Take out the beans and make tomato paste and take 2 tablespoons of tomatoes paste, curd and vitamin E capsules in clean bowl. Now mix the ingredients very well.
Fit on the mixture in the mouth without lips and eyes. Apply it and wait 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, wash your face with clean water.
Use it three times for a week. It is useful for any kinds of skin. But oily and mixed skin’s friends, don’t use vitamin E capsule.
9. Care of oily skin: Vitamin C in tomatoes absorbs excess oil from skin and releases skin to oil. It also removes the oily skin and forces the acne to go, and above all, it treats oily skin and does not have any shortage of skin care.
Ingredients : tomato juice : one tablespoon
Lemon juice: one tablespoon
Cotton pad or yarn cloth.
Method of make and use: Firstly take tomato juice and lemon juice in a clean bowl and mix very well. Then scrub the cotton pad or yarn cloths by drowning in the water very well five or seven times. After scrubing five or seven times, get wet cotton or yarn cloths on a little hot water. Wipe on your mouth two or three times.
How will you do: In lemon, citric acids and vitamins C, which are exposed to the skin, and brighten to the skin from the inside. If the skin is extra oily, it uses everyday. Use the 4 times a week when he does not make oily.
Optional uses: tomato juice – half cup
Cotton pad
Cucumber- half ( six or seven pieces)
Method of make and use: First, tomato juice and cucumber together by blending. Take the face with the pad. Put on 20 minutes. Wash the face of cold water after twenty minutes.
How will you work:
Cucumber : Vitamin A and vitamin C which contain in the cucumber and absorb excess oil from the skin. At this moment, Skin becomes very bright and fair.
Note : Use it everyday.
10. Care of dry skin:
Tomato takes care of the beauty of the dry skin very well.
Usage :
Ingredients : tomato juice- two tablespoon
Olive oil- one tablespoon
Method of make and use: mix the two ingredients by taking a pot very well.
Then, clean the hand and fit on the whole face with the help of the hand. Wait twenty minutes by fitting on it.
Wash your face with cold water after twenty minutes.
How will you work:
Olive oil: Moisturizing property which contains in the olive oil and moisturizes inside of the skin. Make the skin bright, fair and healthy.
Note: use it three or four days per week.
11. For the mixed skin: There is no reason to think about those who have the mixed skin to take care of their own skin. Because the tomato cared for all the skin in any fascinating way. There is no neglect of skin care in case of tomato.
Usage :
Ingredients : Tomato juice – two tablespoons
Aloe Vera gel- two tablespoons
Method of make and use: mix two ingredients very well.
Fit on the whole face. But keep in mind, don’t fit on your eyes and lips. Wait fifteen minutes by fitting on it.
Wash your face with cold water after twenty five minutes.
12. For normal skin: Tomato is very useful for normal skin too. Also its juice is very useful for our skin.
13. Lifting the skin smooth: Polishing smell of skin is more beautiful and attractive. And one of the benefits of Tomato is to be smooth of the skin. It also does the skin softly, flexible and fair.
Ingredients : Ripe tomato – one piece.
Method of make and use: Cut the tomato into two pieces and scrub on your whole face. Wait more than 5 minutes after scrubing it. Wash your face with cold water after five minutes.
14. Treatment of cellular : In Tomato, there are abundant neutrain, leakophin and anti-oxidant which is very useful for the skin’s health. All elements protect the skin to the harmful effects of ultra-violet rays and cures the cellular wounds by fighting against free radicals.
The following is discussed about the benefits of tomatoes in the protection of health. The following is discussed about the benefits of tomatoes in the protection of health.
15. Keep bones strong and healthy: The healthy body is needed for a healthy person. It is impossible to keep the body without healthcare. And the bone is important in the growth, structure and well-being, calcium. Calcium, which is in the tomato, made the bones strong and healthy.
16. For the recovery of the teeth: Calcium is very useful for the teeth like as bones. Calcium which is in the tomato, works as an essential elements of dental fitness. It controls teeth, gum etc.
17. Tomato contains 20% of the vitamin that we need in our body. Vitamin keeps healthy in our body and neutrant keeps control activities in our external body.
18. Muscles wellbeing : The tomato has a lot of proteins that effectively fell into the body’s mixing and it repairs the various illness and make it to fill in the newly mischief. It also cures the various diseases of the body to keep the muscle healthy.
19. Protect the body from the free radicals: Free radicals are just harmful for the skin, it is also harmful for the body. We know that there are dominion of a leakophin, anti-oxidant, which is a domestic in the tomato and fight against free-radicals, make the skin healthy and animated.
20. Reducing the risk of the cancer: Elements which is in the tomato, protect the free- radicals agent very well because the disease is made very much due to free-radicals attacks. These components are made the block of the anti free-radicals in the body before the start of respiratory organ, colon and chest cancer problems.
21. Reducing the risk of the stroke: The tomato reduces the risk of all kinds of strokes which occurs due to high blood pressure. There are minerals and neutrants in Tomato, which reduces the risk of strokes while controlling the high blood pressure of the body. That is, the heart is saved from the disease like an heart attack and stroke.
22. Low cholesterol completed: There are vitamin b3 (Niacin) in the tomato grain. It works very hard to keep cholesterol’s height lower. Because of the fiber rich of tomato, it is allocated as low as cholesterol.
23. Anti-implematory Abundance: Free-radicals are responsible for the bone’s corrosion, heart attack and stroke as well as free-radicals are also responsible for the body irritation or inflammation of the body. That means it increases the body’s irritation. Anti implematory power which contains in the tomato and the body irritation is prevented. The material to remove free-radicals in tomato has existed.
24. Reduce the extra weight: With the increase in weight, the various types of diseases are created. So the body needs to be kept in control of the extra weight. As a result, body is to be healthy and strong. There are thorough qualities of the tomato to keep the body healthy and beautiful. Just like that there are also qualities of the tomato to reduce the extra weight of the body. Every morning, if you eat a tomato or one glass of tomato juice to reduce the extra weight of your body then you will able to do your body beautiful and interesting.
Usage :
Ingredients : Ripe tomato – one piece
Molasses – half tablespoon
Salt-One scar
How will you make:
a. Cut the tomato into small pieces.
b. Then boil off one and half glass of water in a container.
C. When the water becomes boil, let’s be perfected with 5-7 minutes with pieces of tomato, molasses and salt.
d. Then put the pot down.
Note: 1) Drink it before breakfast and after dinner.
2) Drink the beverage while it remains slightly hot.
For eyes : eye is a part of the body. The World is darkness without it. Neglect of eye care, you may push to blindness. You can start eye care from that day and do not neglect your eyes.
25. Increasing the powers of eyes :We know that Vitamin A is very useful for this eyes. Vitamin, which contains in the tomato, is very skilled to raise your eyes power.
26. Eye health keeps healthy: Eye is an important organ in our body. If you do not have any idea about eye’s health, then there may be a complicated disease like blindness. Vitamin A which contains in the tomato, has to increase the eyesight of eyes as well as keep healthy and good of eyes.
27. Preventing eye disease : For the lack of right care and various vitamin, eyes are attacked of various diseases like night blindness, opthalmia. And vitamin A, thiamine, niacin, folates, flavonoid B complex which contains in the tomato, helps to prevent eye disease.
28. Hold the hair color: One of the benefits of Tomato is that it helps to keep the hair color. Neutrants which contains in the tomato and do this benefits.
Ingredients :
Ripe tomato- one piece
What will do: cut the tomato and blender it. Then take out the juice.
Fit on the tomato juice in the hair. Wait thirty minutes by fitting on it.
Wash your hair after thirty minutes by herbal shampoo.
Note : use it three or four times per week very well.
29. Natural conditioner : Tomato is called natural conditioner. The materials in the tomato are naturally conditioned very well.
30. Prevents hair fall: The hair fall problem is tired of all of us. The vitamin in the tomato works very well to make it hair stronger. It prevents hair fall to strengthen hair.
Ingredients : Ripe tomato – one piece
How will you use: Paste the tomato with the pulp.
Wait twenty minutes by fitting on the palms of the head.
Wash your hair after twenty minutes by herbal shampoo and dry your head.
Note : use it three times per week.
31. Free from dandruff: Dandruff and head’s irritation make uneasy on our head. Besides other diseases could have been seen due to the dandruff and head’s irritation. For the free from excess and painful dandruff, you can use tomato and its juice. Vitamin C which contains in the tomato, removes dandruff and increase collagen.
Ingredients : Ripe tomato- one piece
Tomato juice- two tablespoons
How will you use it: (1) keep the soft parts of the ripe tomato whose amount is two tablespoons. It keeps a clean bowl.
(2) Put on the palms of the head by mixing lemon juice and massage it ten minutes.
(3) then wait thirty minutes. And wash after thirty minutes with normal water and dry your hair.

Note : use it two times per week.
Lemon juice: Vitamin C which contains in the lemon juice like as tomato and removes dandruff from the scalp of the head.
Tomato is used in the whole world as a popular elements equally. In case of food, hair care or health’s protection, the tomato attributes can be called outstanding in a word.

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