Best Rice Flour Face Pack For Skin Whitening

Today, I will share with you a Skin Whitening Remedy, which will help your skin become so clean that you cannot even believe it yourself. And it is so simple and effective you will get amazing results at first use and your skin will look and feel beautiful. So let’s see how to make this Remedy. 

Now take in a clean bowl- 

  • 2 teaspoon rice flour 
  • 3 teaspoon of yogurt
  • 4 teaspoon of beetroot juice and 
  • 1 vitamin E

Now mix them together very well. 

The antioxidant function of rice powder works great for removing black spots of sunburn, acne and dark skin color and whiten the skin from the inside out. And its Natural Lighting Properties brings back the skin’s natural brilliance by nourishing and cleansing the skin.

A soft pest is ready with all the mixed ingredients. 

 now the Skin Whitening Remedy is completely ready. 

Now, apply it on your face with a brush

For stainless bright and fair skin this remedy will be very effective.  

We mixed yogurt in this pack as the vitamin B5 in the yogurt will stain the skin by eliminating black spots, age marks, and acne scars from the skin. And using this remedy your skin will have a very bright complexion as well as skin fairness. 

Wait for 20 minutes until it is dried after applying the pack on your face.

When it is dried wash your face with clean water. 

So, friends, you can see how my skin has become brighter and fair than before using this simple remedy. Use this remedy 2 times a week at home. Your skin will be brighter and firmer faster.

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