Pumpkin face pack for brite skin

Hello friends,

Guys today I will show you a very easy instant Remedy for skin cleansing.

With the use of it, your skin will become clean and bright as glass. And if your skin has mild acne scars, it can also be removed easily. Friends If you want to get bright, radiant and glowing skin then try this remedy once. 

Pumpkin face pack:

Friends, then let’s see how to make this remedy.

To make this remedy, at first, you need 25 grams of ripe pumpkin and boil it.

Pumpkin contains enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids that boost skin cell production. It brightens the skin and makes it smooth. It also increases collagen production slows down your skin’s aging process and gives a younger-looking skin. 

Boil the pumpkin and let it cool down. After the pumpkin has cooled, blend it into a bowl.  Add a little rose water with it while blending pumpkin. Add blended pumpkin —

– 1 teaspoon aloe vera and 

– 1 teaspoon lemon juice 

If you have sensitive skin then you can skip the lemon juice. 

Now mix it. When the packet is ready, apply it with brass. The lemon contained bleach which is very effective for exfoliating the skin. Vitamin C and citric acid are also found in lemon. It Increases the production of collagen in the skin, which makes the skin brighter and lighter. 

Wait for the pack to dry until it is dry. When dry, rinse with clean water. 

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