how to make pumpkin face mask

Friends, today I will share with you the skin fairness peel-off mask to make your skin look brighter and glowing. At the same time, which will benefit your skin. 

First of all, this mask will remove the stains on your skin. The second is that it will make your skin fairer, as well as this peel-off mask will make your skin look like glass-like clean, which I will show you in a live cover in this video. 

To make this mask,

take 3 potatoes, and 30 grams of ripe sweet pumpkin and boil. Potato has the property of removing skin stains. Besides, potatoes help to brighten our skin color. They also, have high levels of vitamin C and zinc and remove dead skin cells, dark circles, and wrinkles from skin and bring natural fairness and glow to the skin. 

Boil potatoes and sweet pumpkin and let it cool down. After the potatoes and sweet pumpkin have cooled, store them in a glass container. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. 

Sweet pumpkin contains enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids that boost skin cell production and brighten the skin. 

Now in a clean bowl, take 3-5 tablespoon of mixes. 

Add with it 

– 1 tablespoon of raw liquid milk 

– 1 teaspoon honey 

Then mix them well. 

The raw liquid milk contained in this packet is very beneficial for our skin. Since lactic acid is present in raw milk, milk helps to brighten and nourish the skin by removing various dark spots, acne scars, sunburns from our skin. 

Wait until the mask is dry. When the mask is dry, wash it with clean water.

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