How to use papaya and banana for pimples

Friends, today I will share with you an amazing skin care remedy using once your skin will be full of fairness and it makes your skin look brighter and glowing as look like glass. Besides, removing stains from the skin it makes your skin healthy and smooth. 

So, friends if you want your skin fairness, glowing and clean skin use this remedy once. 

Friends, let’s see how to make this Remedy.


This time, take in a bowl 


– 20 grams of ripe papaya and 

– Half of a ripe banana 

And mixe it together. 

Dried papaya is most beneficial to remove stains from the skin. The ripe papaya reduces the impression of age on the skin and gives ultra brightens and fairness. And the ripe banana will naturally bring on the skin with fairness and glow.

Add with the mashed papaya and banana 

– 1 tablespoon rice flour and 

-1 teaspoon of aloe gel, 


Then mix them.


The smooth paste is mixed with the ingredients. Apply this to the with a brush. 

If you have wrinkles, pimples, age spots on your skin, use this pack for without any doubt. 

The rice flour contained in this pack will remove the scalp and cleanse your skin as it will make you look less than 3-5 years old. And Aloe vera Gel contains a natural moisturizing property that will moisturize the skin and keep it smooth, soft and clean.

Wait for 20 minutes before opening the pack. After 20 minutes wash the appliance with water.

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