Multani Mitti Face Packs For Happy Skin This Summer

Today, I will share with you a face pack that you can use to remove skin spots from your skin by using only two to three times. 

This face pack will remove the blackness of the skin and enhances the brightness of the skin and makes the skin soft, smooth and radiant. If you want to make your skin look fair, brighter, shiny, and glowing start using this face pack at home from today. 

Friends let’s see how to make this face pack. 

We need raw liquid milk for this face pack.  Raw liquid milk helps to brighten and nourish the skin by removing black spots, acne scars, sunburns on our skin. 

Now take 2 teaspoons of raw liquid milk in a bowl. Add with it a pinch of saffron and soak it for 10 minutes so the color of saffron can mix with milk very well. 

You will notice that the color of saffron already mixed in milk and appears a very bright complexion. 

Now add with it, 

  • 1 teaspoon of Multani soil
  • 1 Vitamin E

Now mix them very well.

In saffron, the quality of skin forcing is found at high levels. Saffron works to maintain the youthfulness of the skin throughout the day. The use of saffron will bring a golden glow to the skin.

With all the ingredients mixed when a smooth pest is ready then apply it with a brush. 

The Multani soil in this pack slows down the skin’s aging process. And thus it reduces the age-impression like 10 years from the skin making your skin fresh bright and smooth. 

When the pack is completely dried, wash your face with cold water. 

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