coffee powder and yogurt face pack benefits

Friends today I will share with you the Dark Spot Removal Face Pack. With this face pack, you can remove all facial scars completely. Moreover, removing strains, this face pack makes the skin look smoother, brighter and firmer.

So guys let’s see how to make this awesome face pack.


To make this pack take in a bowl, 

  • 2 spoonfuls of coffee powder 

 It contains Caffeine and antioxidant and removes dead cells from the skin and freshens the skin.  

Then mix it with 

– a spoon of pea-flour

– 1 spoon of yogurt and 

– 3 vitamins 

and then mix them very well and make a smooth paste.

Pea-flour works great in the skin, removing all the dirt that accumulates in our skin throughout the day, making the skin very smooth and supple. By adjusting the skin tone, the consistable elements in the pea-flour bring a different glow to the skin color balance.

Now the soft paste has been prepared. 

Apply it on the skin. This is a unique pack to remove black spots, age marks and acne scars from the skin surface. Vitamin B5 in the skin removes the scars from the skin, and the Raibo Flebin in yogurt will make the skin young and glowing.

Use it this way with a brush. Wait until the pack is dry. After drying the wax on the skin, wash the skin with clear water.

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