8 Banana Health Benefits You Might Not Know About

1:Health of heart improves

One of the most important parts of our body is the heart. It is very important to keep the heart healthy. A healthy heart may give us a long life. One study found that healthy potassium plays an important role in effective potassium and the heart rate is interrupted if there is a lack of sufficient potassium in the body.

The contraction of the heart – also depends on the vast majority of potassium. When the level of potassium decreases in the body, the heart pulse starts moving very fast (chest up) which is known as hypokelemia . So before the heart gets infected, we need to fill the potassium deficiency in our body.

The banana contains plenty of potassium if a person eats a banana every day, his body will meet the deficiency of potassium and reduce the risk of heart attack as well as one-third of the risk of heart disease. And there is nothing to fear about two-fold risk. If you live a healthy and systematic lifestyle and exercise regularly, then the risk of your remaining heart attack will be reduced.
So, instead of delaying, reduce the risk of heart attack, start eating bananas daily, if any, at any moment, your heart may be blocked due to absence of potassium.

2. Reduce breast irritation (acidity)

The common problem of many of us is chest infection. Burning of chest infection is called acidity. This acid burns our chest during times when it is incompatible. This is due to our irregular eating habits. You can eat bananas every day to get rid of the annoying and painful sun like acids that you can not accept due to regular rules.

Banana is called natural antacids. If we eat a banana every day, our acidity, that is, will reduce the incidence of chest pain. Every day eating bananas reduces the risk of heart, as well as ease the chest in the chest.

3. High blood pressure

Potassium plays an important role in controlling high blood pressure in our body. You already know that there is plenty of potassium in the neck, which maintains the balance of body hypertension. You might think many people have sodium in the banana that keeps water in the body and increases blood pressure.

For me, there is very little sodium in the banana. For example: in a medium-sized banana where there is 1.2 mg of sodium, containing 422 mg of potassium. This potassium improves kidney function, which causes sodium out of body. So, potassium helps reduce the process of maintaining excess water in the body and relaxes the blood vessels sufficiently to control the blood pressure and maintain proper blood pressure.

4. Helps protect bone health

The bone health needs to keep our body healthy and functional. One of the many functions of potassium in the banana is to play a vital role in the body’s good health. The banana also contains silicon and magnesium, these components also play a role in the protection of bone health.

It has been proved in various studies that even after having no calcium in the banana , potassium plays an important role in keeping the bones healthy and protecting against bone disorders and diseases like bone densities. Apart from taking potassium for a long time, the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis reduces. So, potassium maintains levels of calcium in the bone to keep the bone strong and healthy and eliminates the lack of calcium in the bone.

5. Increases digestion

Like all other things, our condition is to be healthy, free from disease, work and strength. If our digestive system is obstructed then our body has many kinds of diseases. Another benefit of eating bananas per day is that banana helps in increasing digest and energy. Because there are plenty of fiber in the banana that helps digestion process accelerate the digestion process.

6. Helps to grow new cells

Vitamin B-6 in the banana contains more ingredients. Vitamin B-6 helps in the development of new cells.

7. Treatment of Anemia :

If we see a lack of blood in our body, then he is called Anemia. Especially during this pregnancy, the child’s life of mother and womb is at stake. In this situation, we need to treat fatty acids as folic acid.

Folic acid acts as an ideal to meet an anemic. Nutrients like Folic Acid are easily found in vitamin B from food. Art plays a special role in fulfilling this demand. When fetuses grow in a mother’s womb, folic acid helps prevent fetus health by stopping anemia.

8. Reduces fast weight

One of the reasons for excess weight increase in the body is due to excess fat (Sugar) fat in the body. So all of us should keep the Sugar Level under control. It has been proved in science studies that fiber in the banana helps control the body’s level of swelling and helps reduce weight.

Because the fiber in the banana acts as the weight loss. Art also helps reduce the weight of bananas due to low calorie intake. It reduces the weight of the bananas and think that excessive amount of bananas can be increased by losing in weight. So need to eat bananas in a certain amount like rules.
To reduce the weight of those who weigh, we share a recipe of banana with you. This recipe of collar will reduce weight quickly by keeping health in place.
Necessary components:
1 – fresh ripe banana
4 table spoons – soup yogurt
1 glass – A little hot water
Prepare and Meal Measures
== First cut the banana into pieces.
== Then, after cleaning the glass with the pieces of the banana, mix the two components in it.
== Now drink 1 glass of hot water.
== Eat the mixture and banana mixture.

1) If you want to reduce the weight of this recipe with banana, it will eat twice a day. Eat in the morning before dinner.
2) It is necessary to follow the diet charts along with food for weight loss and stop all fast food meals.

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